How DSL Internet Works

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Most buyers feel overwhelmed when they are searching for an appropriate Internet service. This is because with the use of buzzwords and acronyms by Internet providers Ontario, things that can easily mislead the average consumer. To enable our buyers to make the right decision, we have decided to shed some light on DSL Internet, currently one of the most popular Internet service acronyms. Many times, Internet providers will use ‘high-speed Internet’ to refer to DSL.


What is DSL?

Digital Subscriber Line is the technology that sends digital signals via telephone lines. Due to the higher bandwidth capacity in telephone lines as compared to ordinary voice service, DSL tech can easily move data by taking advantage of the extra bandwidth that comes with high speeds and does not require additional infrastructure.

The DSL technology has got variations in relation to its use. When it comes to DSL Internet applicability, most providers utilize Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL), which is a connection that has a download speed compared to the upload speed. This technology allows consumers to download files faster using the same total bandwidth.

The difference with DSL

As much as both DSL and dial-up connections are via the telephone line, you will feel a big difference if you switch from dial-up to DSL due to the connection. Unlike DSL, dial-up ties up your entire line, which is why you cannot use both your phone and Internet concurrently. DSL gives you more freedom by utilizing a special phone jack filter that ensures there is no interference between phone signals and data signals. This is quite advantageous because it allows you to have an ‘always-on’ connection.


DSL and Gaming

DSL is quite efficient for gaming especially if you are using a connection with the maximum 20 Mbps speed or one that is closer to it. This is more than enough for most Internet games. Nevertheless, your overall experience will depend on the kind of games you are playing. If you are a highly competitive, fast-paced shooting gamer, go for a faster connection like cable or fiber. Fans of massively multiplayer games should be content with DSL since its speeds will not disappoint.

Financial matters

Although not the cheapest option available, DSL prices are quite favorable for the average Internet consumer. Most Internet companies in Ottawa provide DSL packages starting at $14.95 dollars a month.

There are many benefits of using a DSL connection, which makes it a good choice for most consumers. Apart from the good prices and relatively fast speeds, it is also advantageous in that you can DIY the installation by getting an appropriate kit for the job.

DSL Speed

DSL Speed

The text below will show you how DSL signals compare to other types of connections available in the market.

  • Dial-up: The highest dial-up connection speed you can get is 56 Kbps while the lowest speed with a dial-up connection is 256 Kbps, and the highest is 20 Mbps. Just as the evidence shows, dial-up is massively slow.
  • Cable: Cable connections utilize coaxial cables and not phone lines. The lowest speed with this kind of connection is 25 Mbps while the highest is 100 + Mbps. It is definitely faster than DSL.
  • Fiber: It is the newest and the fastest type of Internet connection. Speeds in fiber can reach a maximum of 1 Gbps or 1000 Mbps.

All internet packages include Unlimited downloading!