How Do ISPs Deliver Internet For Your Home

Internet Provider

How Do ISPs Deliver Internet For Your Home

Internet service has become a necessity in our homes since all gadgets are mostly configured to use the internet if things must be moving and are to get done. We’ll go through ways of accessing the internet, and how to choose the best options.

Internet Access Options


Now data is able to be sent at higher frequencies, so your phone and your internet connections are able to work at the same time. DSL was easier to upgrade to since it uses your existing phone line to deliver information.
The disadvantage of using DSL is that it is a relatively slow internet option compared to others. I don’t think anyone is after that nowadays. The other disadvantage is that it’s still routed through phone lines. So if you don’t have a phone line setup for your home, it is unlikely that this is the way for you.


This is just a frequency installed to your home into your computer or TV by cable so that you can access the internet. It may use modems to sort out the frequencies and delivers them in a format that suits both your TV and internet to work simultaneously.

Fiber Optic

Fiber optic is known for its speed. It is always discussed that it literally travels at the speed of light. The other advantage with fiber optic is that it doesn’t use electricity. Rather, it uses pulses of light through flexible glass or plastic tubes to transmit data. This is why it travels fast. The only disadvantage with fiber is that the initial installation cost is high since fiber lines must be laid. However, major cities are already connected with fiber.


Wireless internet is currently the most widely used. It uses radio frequencies to send an internet signal to a certain location. There, a wireless internet service provider receives the signal and sends it to your modem and a connection is established. Since the internet is delivered through different frequencies, it is important to know what frequency receiver you need. However, you don’t have to do all that since EyeSurf, an internet provider Ontario can do all that for you.

Satellite Dish

Satellite connection is a communication between the satellite of the internet provider and the dish on your roof. Satellite internet connection is always slow since it is met with so many hindrances due to the distance it has to travel.

Mobile internet has become an essential in life. Data is relayed through cell signal waves and depends not on internet providers but on mobile carrier.

What Cost Will You Go Through?

Costs on internet services depend on the type of service you are using. What type of internet connection you need should be determined by how often you use the internet and what for. On the other hand, the cost will vary due to not only the type of internet but also where to access you. If you live far away from your ISP you are likely to pay more than who lives closer.
Have you a problem choosing best internet option? Visit our EyeSurf customer care desk and we shall advise you.

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