Partner with reliable internet providers in Ontario who have been offering internet connectivity for many years now. We work with property owners, residents, businesses, event providers among others in Ontario. Regardless of your needs and budget, our goal has always been to provide a memorable end-user experience with any of our internet plans.

Reliable Phone Services

We help you avoid the capital investment or long-term maintenance of traditional phone lines through our VoIP service. Enjoy crystal clear voice quality as well as low rates and no contracts when you sign up for Eyesurf’s phone service. When you sign up for our phone service:

  • Say goodbye to outrageous bills from the phone company
  • Eliminate the cost of maintenance, installation and support by simplifying telephone infrastructure
  • Get the latest infrastructure to support other key features in your home or business
  • Enjoy simple installation. Getting started is fast and easy, no technical expertise needed.
  • Connect multiple devices in different locations
  • Enjoy numerous calling features
  • Access your phone system and make calls from anywhere so long as there’s an internet connection
  • You get to keep your old number

Faster, More Reliable Internet

If you need faster connections and lower latency at an incredibly low price, switch to Eyesurf today. We know that other internet service providers in Ontario can take too long to give you a service that meets your unique needs. Eyesurf is dedicated to meeting your long-term and short-term needs. If you need to sign up for any of our packages during an event, we have plans that suit your short-term internet needs. Should you need better speed, we can increase the broadband speed in minutes to suit your needs. Customers are always assured of a reliable connection to the internet when they sign up for any of our packages.

Our unique internet service is the ideal solution in any home or business that needs a reliable network to keep going. Whether you have short-term or long-term connection requirements, we’ll never tie you down with contracts that are too hard to come out of. We also offer a very fast installation process using the latest infrastructure to meet your needs. You can switch to Eyesurf and get affordable internet plans designed to meet your business needs.

Get Exceptional Technical Support

Our network is monitored closely to ensure there are very minimal downtimes, if any. We have a fully operational customer support team that is ready to answer your queries. Whether you need clarification on any of our internet packages or you have experienced downtime, our team is ready to take on the challenge. With reliable technical support, you’re never alone.

Eyesurf is built to deliver fast, superior, reliable and affordable internet connectivity. We can help you enhance your business with an intelligent and reliable network at no cost to the property owner. We can also simplify your day to day operations at home by offering superior internet experience anywhere in your property. Call us today to get started.