Is Your Business ISP Giving Excuses? 4 Signs You Need IT Vendor Management

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Imagine you have a lot of stuff to do and your business Internet is out or slow, time is running out and you need to get things done, everything has come to a standstill and all your employees are sitting around waiting for you to fix things. When you call customer service, they tell you to reset the modem and router and troubleshoot, bla bla bla. As desperate as that sounds, they blame it on your router, server, or operating system and even end up giving you the wrong information about how your system needs to be configured.

Situations like these can go on and even escalate before you finally get an appointment, affecting your productivity and motivation. If you are experiencing the same with your Internet service provider (ISP) and Internet connection, Eyesurf will do all the juggling while you concentrate on other important things.

Internet Provider Ottawa

The signs below indicate that you need to seek out an external resource for vendor management services:

#1: You Have Been Spending a lot of Your Time on the Phone with Customer Service

Many Internet service providers score low marks when it comes to customer experience, even the most well-known. Even though they’re trying to improve things every other single day, you’ll agree with me that there is still no point of contact for businesses and Internet service providers.

On the other hand, managed service providers have a way of doing things, you only need to call once and everything else will be taken care of. If you have issues with your ISP and Internet connection, we are the Internet provider Ottawa with a direct line of communication into troubleshooting and a dedicated representative to service all accounts. This will save you time, meaning that you’ll have plenty of time to concentrate on your business and make more money.

#2: You Don’t Want to Waste Your Time Trying to Fix Ongoing Speed or Outage Issues

With Eyesurf, Internet providers Ontario on your side, you only have to call once and everything will be explained to you. You’ll get all the information regarding what the true technical issues are, we will then troubleshoot the service on our end – living no excuses – like the ones you get from customer service – we have a strong team that will manage your technology.

Internet Provider Ottawa

#3: You Are Sick and Tired of Calling Customer Service

Frustrations about ongoing Internet issues can easily make you forget there’s a human on the other side of the phone and you may end up using bad language. You don’t have to stress yourself anymore. Managed services provider can speak in a level way with the Internet service provider and accomplish more than you can.

#4: You Are Not Intimately Familiar With the Structure of Your Network and Connections

You don’t have to learn a ton about how your workstations connect, how the modem and router are set up, or how to connect all the devices. Your Internet provider Ottawa will be intimately familiar with all your workstation setup, configure your network, troubleshoot, and do everything else for you.


Managed services providers can be a good investment to your business. They can save you a significant amount of time that would have otherwise been wasted troubleshooting Internet connectivity.  If you want to improve your productivity and get more work done, make that single call to Eyesurf today.

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