Insider Tips To Save Money On Your Business Internet

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Having fast and reliable Internet service can be a bit expensive for some businesses especially cable Internet where you need more than one connection. Fiber Internet has an incredible speed but it’s quite expensive for most business owners. This is due to the fact that they have properly maintained lines that guarantee speed.

When you make a purchase, you’re given introductory specials for some time. Once they expire you start feeling the pinch! That’s where Eyesuf, an Internet provider Ottawa jumps in to help. In this blog, we give you insider information on what our clients are getting. Below are 4 insider tips on how to save on cost while purchasing Internet for your business:

Internet Provider Ottawa

#1: Watch out for New Pricing Every Year

Competition is becoming more intense with the increasing number of new Internet providers such as Fiber Internet providers, T1 providers, and other cable Internet providers. The increase in demand has paved way for new providers, who have introduced new services that include cheaper, more reliable, faster Internet, and great customer service to be able to penetrate the market.

#2: Price Your Current ISP Against New Entrants

Don’t hesitate to compare the pricing of your existing Internet provider against those of the new entrants. This will guide you on whether to jump ship or stick with your current ISP. New Internet service providers have new specials out and this may force your existing ISP to do whatever they have to keep your service.

Internet Provider Ottawa

#3: Take Advantage of Bundles

Eyesurf has multiple bundling services that can help save you cash. If you work every angle: Internet, cable service, or business phone, you’ll find that bundling services are way cheaper than single service alone.

#4: Know the Right Time of the Month and Quarter to Purchase Your Internet

The Internet industry has sales goals to achieve and just like other businesses, they need to make money. If you plan to make a purchase towards the end of the month or quarter, a salesperson may sell you at a higher price to reach the desired target. So you need to be wise to get the best possible deal.


Eyesurf works to ensure their clients and prospects get the best deal – they have even reduced construction connection costs. Our reduced rates will help bring you closer to having a fast and reliable Internet Provider Ottawa service so that you can grow your business and make more money.

Our great customer service will give you information regarding what the true technical issues are and manage your technology. This will save you a significant amount of time, allowing you to concentrate on other important matters

All internet packages include Unlimited downloading!