How Does Satellite Internet Work?

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In the urban areas, fiber optic, cable and DSL Internet services are the most prevalent. However, when you go to the remote areas away from the urban centres, these cables are not available. Most Internet providers have not yet connected the rural residents to their cable networks. As a result, the only solution the rural residents have is that of relying on wireless networks. Satellite Internet is another option that is available in the rural areas.

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How does Satellite Internet Work?

As you may have guessed, the main piece of equipment in satellite Internet is the satellite. The satellite is in a geostationary orbit about 23,000 miles above the equator. You will be provided with a dish which receives the signals from the satellite and transfers that signal to your router in your home or office. The router then feeds the computer and other devices.

Why go for the Satellite Internet?

The main reason why satellite Internet is a viable option is when there are no terrestrial or any ground-based Internet services. Although it is possible to negotiate with the Internet providers to build a connection to your residence, the cost is often too great and Internet providers choose not to consider the option. At times laying down the new cable lines is impractical.

Satellite-based Internet is much easier to install in remote areas. A technician will mount the satellite dish on your home, align it to the satellite and then connect the dish to your router. You will be set within a few hours.

Although dial-up Internet service is available, the slowest satellite Internet connection is much faster than the dial-ups. With a dial-up, streaming videos and playing online games will be hectic and might not even work. Satellite mitigates this issue.

The cost of satellite Internet is high when compared to the cost of cable and dial-up Internet connections. Talk to Internet providers Ontario to know what you will be getting with the package.

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Technical Limitations of the Satellite Internet

The main drawback of satellite Internet is that your ISP will limit the amount of data that you can use per month. Latency is another limitation. This is caused by the distance between the servers on the ground, the satellite, and your computer. You have to keep in mind that the signal sent from your computer has to travel 23,000 miles to the satellite and then an additional 23,000 miles down to the servers on the ground. Although this transmission is super quick, you will notice some delay when using satellite Internet.

The latency problem is more noticeable when playing network games such as Call of Duty. When browsing the Internet, you will notice this issue when it takes time for your browser to respond once you click on a link. All in all, the delays are not very significant. Bad weather can also make the connection worse.

Now that you understand how satellite Internet works, you can go ahead and pick the option that is right for you. The most important thing you need to do regardless of the service you choose to use is to select a reliable Internet service provider.

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