The Facts About Business Internet Service Cost

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Many people who purchase business Internet packages Cambridge wonder why they are more costly than similar residential premises packages. The answer lies in the differences between the two packages. As an end user, you may not realize that you are using two dissimilar Internet services while you are at home and in the office. This has made costs to differ, with office Internet costing much more even if your home is bigger than your business premises.

So, what is so different about home and office Internet? Let us dive in and see.

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Residential vs. Business Internet: The Facts

To help you grasp the major differences between residential and business Internet, we shall start by explaining the term bandwidth which is one of the basic components of the Internet. The best way to describe bandwidth is by using a road.

When there is congestion on a road, the flow of traffic becomes very slow. If thousands of workers are heading home on a Friday at 5 pm and they have to utilize a two-lane highway, there will be serious congestion. To solve this traffic issue, city planners build bigger roads consisting of more lanes that will allow better flow of traffic. Your bandwidth is the same. In a situation where everyone is using the Internet and there is lack of enough bandwidth (lanes), Internet speed becomes as frustrating as rush hour traffic.

Now, comparing residential and business Internet, bandwidth needs differ. Here’s how:

1. Upload Speed is Vital for Cloud Backup

Lately, many businesses have realized the importance of using cloud-based servers to backup data. Even small businesses utilize Dropbox, Google Drive, and other services to ensure that their data is always available and secure. To keep any backup running, it is essential to have high upload speeds. When you look at the residential Internet, the upload speed provided is lower than the download speed. This is because residential users are mostly downloading and not uploading.

On the other hand, for businesses constantly backing up data, the upload speed is faster than the download speed. Without the right package, backups usually fail.

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2. You require a static IP address

Businesses hosting websites and want them resolved to a server require a static IP address. A static IP address enables one to host even with other office infrastructure such as heating and A/C controls, mail servers, security cameras etc.

In a residential package, a static IP address isn’t available. Since a static IP address has become such a necessity for businesses today, any Internet provider Cambridge will ensure to include it in business Internet packages Cambridge.

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3. Businesses don’t share connectivity

To avoid slowdowns during peak hours, an Internet service provider runs a direct, dedicated connection for each business. This is unlike residential Internet where a fiber or cable serves a block or two. Internet speed is vital for morale levels and productivity and that’s why business Internet packages Cambridge cannot be the same as those for residential premises.

Due to the unique Internet service that businesses require, the cost is usually high. This is why you will spend more on a business Internet service than you would spend on a residential Internet one.

All internet packages include Unlimited downloading!