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Does using your Internet technology make you feel like you’re in control? Assuming that you’re like most guys, you probably feel confused when dealing with your household IT devices. It’s obvious you are cognizant with switching your devices on, plugging them in, and restarting them, when you are experiencing network issues, but other than that, you are lost. However, with a suitable type of router and an expert Internet provider Cambridge, you will never feel like a confused passenger again. In fact, you will feel pretty great plus you will also safely acquire home Internet Cambridge access for you and your family.

Here’s how we can assist to keep you and your family protected while granting you more dominion over your electronic components.

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Custodian Content Screening

Today, children spend extensive amounts of time on the web and it’s not just them, but the whole family. It could be they’re researching, working, viewing cat videos or handing in school assignments. Whatever the case, the Internet isn’t the best place for children to spend enormous amounts of time. Moreover, the home Internet Cambridge can instantly turn family time to screen time. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, Eyesurf makes it simple for you to establish sound boundaries for you and your children by offering a package with custodian content screening.

Unfix to Fix

Are you exhausted of repeating yourself every now and then as you try to make sure no one is using their phones during dinner time? Do you feel like a broken record when cautioning everybody that it’s screens-off time at 10:30 PM? Let this nagging come to an end by employing easy scheduling. All you need to do is just switch off the Internet when you want your children to disconnect, and perhaps this will result in a more connected family.

Block the Awful Stuff

It’s easy to visualize how nasty the Internet can be, particularly for the young ones’ eyes. We can make it simple for you to block specific content or websites permanently. So you don’t have to fuss over your kids watching pornography or other nasty stuff on the Internet anymore because it will be easy to block these stuff from them with EyeSurf Internet.

Be in the know

There are ways such as incognito mode or erasing browser history that can make it hard for you to see the Internet surfing history, but you should know that there is a smarter move than this. By choosing the best home Internet Cambridge you will be able to know where everybody in your family has been every-time from wherever you are.

Make Restriction Simple with Groups

For those nights you want the children in bed early so that you can catch up with your favorite show, utilize group controls. This means that your PC can be in a dissimilar group, with changed controls than your kid’s laptop, putting you in charge and giving you complete control over your young ones.

With the following tips, you will no longer feel worried or stressed out about what your kid’s or family members are viewing on the home Internet Cambridge because you will be in control of what is happening in your household.

All internet packages include Unlimited downloading!