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Are you tired of…

  • Waiting for basic webpages to load?
  • Waiting for your favourite show to stream?
  • Losing to the other team in your favourite game because of a bad connection?
  • Downloads taking hours, even days, to finish?
  • Dropped connections when someone else logs on?
  • Slow, unresponsive, overpriced Internet?

Then it’s time to make the switch to Eyesurf!

Don’t settle for other Internet providers in Kingston. With high-speed Internet from Eyesurf, you get lightning-fast speeds you can depend on.

The best part? Each and every Eyesurf package is unlimited, which means you can enjoy fast speeds without ever having to worry about going over frustrating data caps!

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15 Mbps Download

1 Mbps Upload



Ideal for most users


30 Mbps Download

5 Mbps Upload



For moderate to heavy usage


60 Mbps Download

10 Mbps Upload



For very heavy usage


120 Mbps Download

10 Mbps Upload



For extremely heavy usage

Make it a bundle and add unlimited phone service for only $9.95/month!

Dependable High-Speed Internet in Kingston

Say goodbye to slow speeds and embrace lightning-fast Internet from Eyesurf. Whether you’re uploading pictures to share with family and friends or trying to set a high score in your favourite online game, our high-speed Internet packages have something for everyone.

Still not convinced? Read these frequently-asked questions to learn more!

Do I really need Eyesurf’s high-speed Internet?

If you’re frustrated by slow speeds, poor connections, and frustrating limits, yes!

On a practical level, as file sizes increase and streaming continues to grow in popularity, it’s more important than ever to ensure you have a connection that’s up to the task if you plan on spending any kind of time online. If nothing else, an Eyesurf package will help you save money in the long run, giving you a reliable connection without having to worry about data overage fees.

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How are speeds measured?

Internet speeds are measured in megabits per second.

Speaking of fees, what fees do I have to pay?

We’re proud to say that there are no hidden fees with Eyesurf!

As quality Internet providers in Kingston, we’re committed to totally transparent pricing. We believe in providing high-speed Internet at a very affordable cost. Aside from your monthly package cost, we charge a one-time activation fee of $39.95 to cover the costs of installation, which is waived when you buy a modem from Eyesurf.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! While most other providers charge heavy premiums or mark-ups, we have a mandate to provide affordable high-speed Internet to all our customers in Kingston and beyond.

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Choose Kingston’s trusted Internet providers for high speeds and dependable connections that never trap you with long-term contracts. Pick a package and pay month-to-month, and take control of your Internet connection!

Eyesurf Vs. The Competition

Not convinced yet? See for yourself how stacks up next to the leading competitors, providing you the freedom and flexibility you deserve from your Kingston Internet provider.

Take control of your Kingston Internet Provider experience and embrace freedom with Eyesurf.

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