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Eyesurf is Toronto’s leading internet provider and telecommunications specialist, with over 10 years of industry experience.

Since 2010, we’ve worked with customers across Canada to help them optimize their internet connections and build stronger personal and professional networks. Our monthly internet plans are designed to reflect your lifestyle and budget — whether you’re streaming, downloading, or on a video call, we’ve got you covered.

Learn how our Toronto internet service providers can help you make the most of today’s high-speed internet. Contact our internet company today.

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Home Internet Packages in Toronto

Internet 10

10 Mbps

1 Mbps

Ideal for households of:
$45 /month

Internet 30

30 Mbps

5 Mbps

Ideal for households of:
$55 /month

Internet 100

100 Mbps

15 Mbps

Ideal for households of:
$60 /month

Internet 300

300 Mbps

20 Mbps

Ideal for households of:
$90 /month



30 Mbps

Ideal for households of:
$100 /month
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Reliable Internet Services in Toronto

Eyesurf is committed to offering unlimited internet in Toronto at fair and affordable prices with no contracts, no gimmicks, and no fees. We’re proud to be internet providers in Toronto that put our customers first. We don’t charge big prices to make big profits. We offer great prices for great service with unlimited internet usage and lightning-fast speeds.

At Eyesurf, we believe the internet should be limitless. We give you the freedom to surf and download to your heart’s content.

Faster Internet in Toronto

No more headaches from companies charging unfair prices. Eyesurf’s internet services and packages are designed to suit both residential and business internet needs. Let us help you choose the internet package that’s right for you.

When you need an internet service provider in Toronto that you can trust, contact Eyesurf today — and experience hassle-free internet solutions.

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Too often consumers are sold on an internet service, only to discover later, after receiving their first monthly bill, that what they understood they were getting is not quite the reality. If you want one low price without all the unwanted surprises, contracts, gimmicks, and hidden fees, then choose Eyesurf as your new internet provider in Toronto.

Internet providers

What we offer in Toronto

Eyesurf offers unlimited internet in Toronto, including a variety of packages to suit your residential and business needs.

Our packages offer you high-speed internet you need to stream, browse, and download to your heart’s content. You’ll wonder how and why you settled for less with your previous internet provider in Toronto. With Eyesurf it’s all unlimited internet, all the time.

Attractive Speed

Our Toronto internet providers deliver high-speed connections and unlimited data plans at the click of a button, no matter where you are in the city.

Unbeatable Prices

Say goodbye to stubborn internet contracts and say hello to more freedom and flexibility. Our Toronto internet plans are designed to maximize convenience and minimize costs.

Exceptional Technical Support

If you have questions about our internet plans or experience a connectivity issue, our technical support team is available 7 days/week with the solution.

With unlimited internet in Toronto, you can stream all day, every day and not worry about your bandwidth usage. That’s why we’re proud to be the best internet providers in Toronto. Whether you use 20GB of data a month, or 200GB of data a month, we’ve got you covered for all your internet needs. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time watching the latest episodes of your favourite TV shows or entertaining your guests by streaming music rather than be on hold with a customer service agent struggling to dispute the charges on your bill?

At Eyesurf, we believe you shouldn’t have to deal with the outrageous fees for overages due to their limited internet plans. That’s why we’ve developed the fastest internet in Toronto with no contracts or hidden fees. We’re an internet service provider you can trust.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Eyesurf Internet in Toronto

Eyesurf is proud to be a leading internet provider in Toronto with over a decade of telecommunications experience.

We have been internet service providers in Toronto since 2010 and our customers trust to help them realize the full potential of today’s high-speed internet. With unlimited data and affordable monthly internet plans, we offer maximum convenience and flexibility — whether you spend your time online streaming, gaming, or browsing your favourite websites.

We give you the freedom to stay connected to friends, family, and colleagues with the click of your mouse, wherever you are in the city. Our high-speed internet providers are ready to help you realize the full potential of unlimited data and reliable cross-country connections.

At Eyesurf, our Toronto internet service providers offer a range of telecommunications services at prices you can feel good about, including:

Internet: Eyesurf’s internet service providers deliver affordable, high-speed internet to commercial and residential communities across Toronto. Experience faster streaming, gaming, and downloading today!

Phone: Connect with friends and loved ones on your home phone or stay in touch with colleagues on the go with our affordable mobile phone plans.

TV: With three cable TV packages to choose from, you’ll never have to miss your favourite show. Choose from a range of channels and start saving money with our custom monthly plans.

High-Speed Internet: Our high-speed internet solutions let you stream, game, download, and browse without any buffering or lagging.

Unlimited Internet: With unlimited internet, you can stay connected to friends and family day and night, or browse your favourite Netflix shows without worrying about going over your data limit.

Cable Internet: Our premium Ontario cable internet packages in Toronto are designed with affordability and functionality in mind.

Business Internet: We help local and established businesses in Toronto stream their operations and build better brand engagement through our secure and reliable high-speed business internet solutions.

Eyesurf offers three affordable internet plans in Toronto, helping families and businesses connect with personal and professional networks across Canada, including:

Our custom platinum internet services are ideal for smaller households and offices, and start at $55 per month, with download speeds of 30 Mbps and uploads of 5 Mbps.

If you live in a mid-sized home or work in a mid-sized office, take advantage of our diamond internet package, starting at $65 per month, with download speeds of 75 Mbps and uploads of 20 Mbps.

Large households and office spaces can benefit from our sapphire internet packages, starting at an affordable rate of $90 per month, with download speeds of 300 Mbps and uploads of 10 Mbps.

The right internet package will ultimately depend on the size of your home or business and the total Mbps you require for your downloading, streaming, and browsing needs. We offer three internet packages to choose from — our platinum, diamond, and sapphire plans.

If you’re unsure which plan is right for you, our customer support team can walk you through your options and help you choose the internet plan that best reflects your lifestyle and price point.

We include a free WIFI modem rental with all our Toronto internet services for your convenience — saving an additional eight dollars each month!

Our internet service providers will never lock you into a contract or surprise you with hidden fees and fine prints. Our Toronto internet services are designed monthly to maximize convenience and flexibility.

Our professional customer support team will guide you through our simple and efficient remote internet installation process. We’ll ensure everything is connected and secure so you can start enjoying your high-speed internet right away.

If remote installation isn’t available, we’ll send an Eyesurf technician to your home or business to complete the installation process in person.

You’ll receive your first internet bill as soon as you sign up. Your first internet bill includes a one-time prorated service fee and activation fee. If you have any questions about your internet bill, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team.

The cost of Eyesurf’s Toronto internet services depends on the plan you select. We offer a range of affordable monthly internet packages to suit your lifestyle and budget — each plan comes with its own custom download and upload speeds and is best suited to its respective number of users.

If you’re unsure which internet plan is right for you, get in touch with our team today and we’ll provide a free quote.

Eyesurf is proud to offer quality internet services in Toronto and across Canada. We offer our services in:

No matter the size of your home or business, we provide a range of internet packages designed to meet your needs at prices you can always trust. Whoever you’re connecting with, we’re a Toronto internet service provider you can trust.

Contact us today to find the best internet service for your home or business.