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  • Lightning-fast DSL Internet speeds?
  • Easy, user-friendly set up and access?
  • Professional-grade security features?
  • Reliable connections to keep work going steady?
  • A connection that'll handle the volume of business you do?

Then you need a reliable DSL Business Internet package from Eyesurf!

Whether you're operating from a private office or need a separate connection for your home office, we've got a package that'll work for you. Ideal for small- and medium-sized businesses alike, our no-limits Internet cuts out the fine print, hidden fees, and arbitrary caps to give you something that's truly unlimited.

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Why Choose Eyesurf?

When you choose Eyesurf, you're choosing Internet providers Kitchener businesses rely on so you can get the job done. Eyesurf provides truly unlimited service for all packages—there are no download limits or caps, letting you stream, download, and transfer files as you need, worry-free.

Plus, we don't lock you into cumbersome contracts. You pay month-to-month, with no paperwork or fine print trapping you for years to come. You're always in control with Eyesurf, and you're always protected. Our service includes a full range of IT support and security ensuring you can focus on what matters—running your business.

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