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Eyesurf is Sarnia’s leading home internet provider connecting customers in Canada and around the world since 2010.

The internet has become a necessity in our everyday lives, whether you live in a metropolitan or rural community. We’ve dedicated our business to develop the best internet solutions to help families and businesses connect with one another.

Our internet services are designed with Canadians in mind. No contracts, gimmicks, or hidden fees. That’s our promise to you.

When you’re looking for quality internet providers, trust Eyesurf.

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Reliable Internet Services in Sarnia

Since our inception in 2010, we’ve provided home internet users with a superior customer experience and an array of internet services.

Many of the larger Sarnia internet providers unfairly give larger business customers their priority. At Eyesurf, every customer is treated with a first-class customer service experience. Our focus and attention have always been on the home internet and small business user.

While other internet service providers in Sarnia increase their prices each year, Eyesurf does not. In our seven years in business, we have never increased the price on an existing customer.

That’s what it means to have a quality internet service provider in Sarnia.

That’s why we’re Sarnia’s leading internet provider. Contact us today to start enjoying the savings!

Faster Internet in Sarnia

Weighing your options for Sarnia internet providers? Look no further!

At Eyesurf, we’ve built a solid reputation for delivering reliable high-speed internet at unbeatable monthly rates — as low as $40/month.

All internet packages include unlimited downloads and uploads, so you never have to worry about overage charges. Have a look and see what you get:

Internet providers
Internet providers

What We Offer in Sarnia

At Eyesurf, we believe every Canadian deserves the chance to work and play online without the fear of losing their internet connection.

Our internet services are designed with modern AI and automation, reducing our operating costs, and passing the savings onto you!

When it comes to choosing an internet provider in Sarnia, look for the benefits and amenities that will add convenience and security to your home or business.

Attractive Speed

With three high-speed internet plans to choose from, you can find the package that meets your gaming, streaming, and downloading needs.

Unbeatable Prices

Our internet packages are designed with our customers in mind. You’ll always find the best prices and contract-free sign-ups for your peace of mind.

Exceptional Technical Support

Whether you’re looking to switch packages or have a question about your internet connection, our technical support team is available seven days a week for your convenience.

The internet is an essential part of everyday life. Whether you’re working, streaming, downloading, or connecting with friends virtually, you need an internet service provider in Sarnia that you can trust.

At Eyesurf, we take every step to ensure that our network is fully capable of handling the demands of today’s Canadian consumers. This means a smooth internet experience with no lagging or choppiness. Whether you are a casual internet user who just checks emails, or you are a full-fledged internet enthusiast who streams in HD and plays online games — we have an internet package that’s right for you.

Unsure which internet package to choose? Fill out our online form today, and we’ll help you take the next step.

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Take control of your Sarnia Internet Provider experience and embrace freedom with Eyesurf.

Frequently Asked Questions about Eyesurf Internet in Sarnia

Eyesurf has been an industry-leading internet provider in Sarnia for over a decade. Since our inception in 2010, we’ve built an extensive network across Canada, with internet services designed to meet your connectivity needs today while also looking ahead at future trends.

Transparency and clear communication are at the core of our business. As one of the top internet providers in Canada, we believe in providing the best internet services at fair and affordable prices — that means zero contracts, gimmicks, or hidden fees.

Customers can choose from three distinct internet packages — platinum, diamond, and emerald. Each internet package is designed for a specific household size, allowing you to choose the best internet package that will provide the range of connectivity your family needs.

If you have questions about our internet services, your monthly bill, or are looking to change your internet package, our exceptional customer service team is available seven days a week for your convenience — so you never have to worry about losing your internet connection.

Eyesurf is proud to be a leading internet provider in Sarnia with a range of reliable and affordable telecommunications services, including:

Internet: Our high-speed internet delivers unmatched download and upload speeds. Choose from our platinum, diamond, and emerald packages and experience the best internet in Sarnia.

Phone: Whether you need a secure home phone service or mobile connection, trust Eyesurf to deliver quality phone services at exceptional prices.

TV: As your TV provider, we ensure you never miss a moment of your favourite show or local news with our contract-free cable TV plans. Choose anywhere from 30 to 70 channels with unbeatable add-on features.

High-Speed Internet: Our high-speed internet is designed in three unique packages to help you choose the right bandwidth and download speeds for your household.

Rural Internet: We’re proud to be a Sarnia internet provider that delivers fast and reliable rural internet services to rural communities across the city and throughout Ontario.

Cable Internet: We provide quality cable internet in Sarnia so you can experience the fastest and most reliable connection anywhere in the city. Our affordable monthly plans also come with a free modem rental.

Unlimited Internet: Each of our internet packages is created with unlimited internet downloads, so you never have to worry about losing speed or connectivity.

Business Internet: Keeping your business connected is essential. Our business internet packages are designed with Sarnia businesses in mind, so you can focus on scaling your operations and building customer connections.

When you need reliable online connections, you need internet service providers that will always come through no matter where you are. At Eyesurf, our internet service plans are designed to meet your needs and budget.

Our platinum internet services are ideal for smaller households and start at $55 per month, with download speeds of 40 Mbps and uploads of 5 Mbps.

If you live in a mid-sized household, take advantage of our diamond internet package, starting at $65 per month, with download speeds of 60 Mbps and uploads of 10 Mbps.

Large households can benefit from our premier emerald internet packages, starting at an affordable rate of $85 per month, with download speeds of 120 Mbps and uploads of 10 Mbps.

When it comes to selecting the right Sarnia internet package for your home, the most important factor to consider is the size of your household. Smaller households can take advantage of our platinum internet services while medium-sized households will benefit from our diamond package.

Our emerald internet package is designed for medium-to-large households and can accommodate more streaming, gaming, and downloading, so you’re never missing out on a moment to stay connected.

At Eyesurf, we believe in putting our customers first — that means lowering internet costs however we can. We’ll provide a free Wi-Fi modem rental with all our Sarnia internet services for your convenience, saving you an additional eight dollars each month!

No contracts here! At Eyesurf, we don’t believe in internet contracts or hidden fees. Our internet services are delivered monthly, to give customers in Sarnia security and peace of mind. What you see is what you pay!

The first step to installing your new internet connection is getting in touch with your Sarnia internet provider at Eyesurf. Our customer service team will help you select the ideal internet package for your home or business and guide you through the remote installation process.

If remote installation isn’t available, we’ll send a qualified technician to complete the installation process and ensure your devices are securely connected.

With our convenient month-to-month service, you’ll receive your first internet bill as soon as you sign up. The first internet bill includes prorated service fees and your activation fee.

Our internet services are available in three unique packages — platinum, diamond, and emerald — for your convenience. Each package is designed with specific household sizes in mind with its own download and upload speeds.

Our platinum package starts at $55/month, our diamond internet package is available from $65/month, and our emerald internet package starts at $85/month. Not sure which package is right for you? Our customer service team can help you select the right internet service for your family, ensuring you never miss a chance to connect.

Our Sarnia internet service providers believe in offering the fastest and most efficient internet installation possible. We’ll aim to activate your new Eyesurf internet services within five to 10 business days.

If you have any questions about our internet installation process, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team.

Eyesurf is proud to offer quality internet services in Sarnia across Canada. We offer our services in:

No matter the size of your household, we provide a range of internet packages designed to meet your needs at prices you can feel good about. Whether you’re connecting with loved ones in BC or colleagues in Halifax, we’re an internet provider you can trust.

Contact us today to find the best internet service for your home or business.